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  3. I love this, because I was that same girl in orthodontia (good word) reading away the summers. I am a fan of the word bedraggled. I also like intuition and epitome. I hate the word turd to the point where I cannot even say it aloud.

  4. Hieno tuunaus, itsellä jäis toteuttamatta kun tuntuu ettei talvitakin nappeja saa ikinä tarpeeksi hyvin kiinnitettyä.Kiva kun vinkkasit Olotilaan, en ollut tajunnut katsoa sitä aiemmin, no nyt löytyy suosikeista sekin.Anne

  5. …Is the guy's name actually Gopnik, or is that his trolling pseudonym?Are there articles floating around written by people named Wigger, Chav and Guido as well?Lol! When I saw 'Gopnik' – I was wondering where Steve was going with it – Russian chavs built America.

  6. Oh, Melissa, I catch myself doing this daily. Just this morning, I was headed to the shower, but as I passed by the laundry room, I realized I needed to put a load in the washer. Then the computer called out to me to check for an email I’m waiting on. And here I end up commenting on the Mama Writers blog. How did this happen? Better yet, am I ever going to get to that shower? LOL! I didn’t think I had to put “shower” on my to do list. Sheesh.

  7. they couldn't say how they would cut £28m next year because the officers hadn't provided them with the plans! Can't they come up with their own plans and ideas? Or are they just going to be a PR man for senior unelected council officers?

  8. I have wrought iron gates and railings which MUST be painted this year – such an awful job when the sun is shining, so I wait until it looks like rain and then put it off as it’s no good painting when there’s a chance it might rain, is there?!!Good work!

  9. Desde luego es el tipo de estofado que me viene a la cabeza al pensar en la cocina típica del sur de EEUU; cuántos ingredientes! Demasiado cárnico para mi, pero desde luego es toda una dosis de nutrientes y energía.Un abrazo

  10. jovato96“hey everyone who didn’t know this. The company pocodot is trying to trick youtube viewers into making pocodot accounts. That comment you see is fake and so are the thumbs up. Do not make a pocodot, it is lame. I just made one and they won’t let me delete it. Please copy and paste this into every video with fake pocodot highest rated comments before anyone else gets sucked into this bs.”

  11. Mas Edison,Saya ingin cari perusahaan Tbk yg mau dijual atau di kerjasamakan dgn bisnis perkebunan kelapa sawit kami. Dimana bisa dapat info perusahaan Tbk yg mau bangkrut utk kami ambil alih.Mhn informasinya yaa…Terima kasih.Reymond.

  12. Looks simply mouth watering Mary!!! [But…literally, a gallon of gravy? Be still my heart…I could probably consume all of it in a couple of meals given to me with REAL mashed potatoes. I'm such a gravy freak, you can see it in me if you look about midway down…near the belly? LOL]Anyway, the cranberry soap is actually a cranberry red…translucent.]Have a super Tuesday. It's foggy here. I'm bummed, I wanted to go see if I could see some of the migrating whooping cranes today…can't see diddly squat 1 foot in front of me…maybe tomorrow!]

  13. Oh, soooo SWEET! And such good advice. I must add squirty cream to shopping list to have on hand for a rainy day. Love the photo of you & Squeak snuggling…aaawww… Be taking good care, all of you. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

  14. Beautiful pictures Angie, so good to see the fresh green color from the fennel in the middle of Winter! The soup recipe sounds delicious, thanks for sharing it, I love fennel and use it a lot in salads but It makes sense to try it in soup!

  15. Não sei se é por aí que passam a gostar de outras músicas. Bem, não me parece importante que uma pessoa não goste de jazz ou clássica. O que me parece relevante é a total aus~encia de conhecimentos dessas músicas. Mas na minha opinião tal deve-se à falta de um ensino minimamente credível da música no nosso sistema de ensino. E sem um bom ensino da músico é escusado esperar criadores musicais e público para determinadas músicas que vão para além do pop e pop(larucho).

  16. #maddie // September 21, 2009 at 3:06 pmJacqlyn Smith // September 21, 2009 at 12:27 pmThis is confusing…..anyone following this??+++++++++++Thank heavens yours is one of the first poststo say this. I thought the last thread wasconfusing, especially near the end whenPalin seemed to be tied to the Rothchilds–something that really surprised me!Anyway, Jacq–If you figure it out, let usknow. Thanks. Maddie.*******************************************I am confused over why Sinclair is the investigator even though he is trying to discredit Orly???? Something is amiss here!

  17. I’m glad you find the reviews helpful. It is a great exercise to examine the pros and cons of these presentations and how much planning they have, or haven’t done so we can learn from their successes and failures. I generally prefer the constructive approach whenever possible, however, it is difficult at times.

  18. Je lis tes misères, avec un jour de retard sur les autres. Pour un Noël, c’est le combese faire renverser par un camion, et se retrouver dans hôpital aussi minable que çà.Je ne savais pas que cela existait.Un orteil cassé, ce n’est pas grave, mais que c’est douloureux, et en « merdant, » pour en avoireu un de cassé, et en hiver, pour me chausser se fut dur. Et en hiver, les bottes pour lesenlever le soir, j’avais du mal à me dechausser.Bon Noël; je vais lire tes autres articles.

  19. It appears to me that this web site doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks getting the exact same problem? I enjoy this web site and dont want to have to miss it when Im gone from my computer.

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  21. February 9, 2012  10:56 pm by It’s always a possibility Ed, I’m waiting to speak to a contact at Coventry Council who may be able to shed some light on the missing houses.I’ll update as soon as I have an answer.

  22. Thanks for the filling us in. Good stuff? So-so. As far as I can tell, the quality of the liquor is inversely proportional to its cost. Cheap erguotou (55% – 500 ml – 7 RMB) is the most drinkable Chinese spirit I’ve found. The brandy isn’t bad, though. , but Vlad told us we might get Jake leg, so we quit.

  23. Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 10:15 pm My husband got me this cuff for our wedding anniversary last month and it was a HUGE surprise because I didn't even told him about it nor did I knew it existed! It truly is stunning!

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  25. Je ne suis pas d’accord! C’est Rafa qui va chercher le match à Wimbledon, j’en veux pour preuve l’acharnement que Roger a mis pour sauver ce qui était encore récupérable jusqu’au bout (cf les sauvetages fabuleux de balles de matches, un service gagnant, un passing shot et un retour ahurissant).

  26. Zmysłowość a także romantyzm to nie wyłącznie odsłonięte ramiona bluzek, halki i półprzeźroczyste tuniki na modelkach pozujących do i na bilbordy. Kiecki oraz spódnice, damskie sweterki sprawią, że każda pani, nie tylko ta pozująca do niewiasta, może poczuć się rzeczywiście urzekająco.

  27. Carissimo Sal, resti nella pace, sono davvero molto calma nonostante la sua errata convinzione. Vedo con enorme dispiacere che la grande confusione risiede invece nel suo cervello. Invece di continuare a riportare spasmodicamente i commenti dei lettori, perchè non prova a comprenderne il significato? Risparmierebbe tempo, l’uso della tastiera del PC e ne potrebbe ricavare qualche vantaggio spirituale. Ne faccia tesoro…

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  30. Billy, thank you for the update. Elaine is precious and rare. I'm sure you know. What a rich blessing from the Lord to have the gift of each other … partners for the journey.Lord, thank You in advance for Elaine's quick and complete healing!

  31. Frank zit dit met zijn familie wat primitief in La Douce France. Als je maar plezier hebt met je jonge gezin, dan kan je er weer voor een jaar tegen. Dat is toch de bedoeling. Ik wens je veel plezier.OT: Morgen komt onze kleinzoon 4 dagen logeren. Dat wordt dus "werken" en leuke dingen met hem doen.Au revoir de Albert

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  34. en fait le verre ne peut pas désinfecter l’eau car selon un processus trop scientifique pour moi, en fait c’est pas possible … Mais bon, je trouve l’idée formidable on dit que le goût avait un « sacré goût » de plastique à confirmer ?

  35. hi! im a newly certified diver and came across your website, i love it! love all your pictures and stories. i never thought if needing an underwater camera until seeing all you photos. i just wana ask what other photography equip do you use aside from an s95 and ikelite housing to get such good pictures? what kind of lighting/strobes do u use as well? thanks! Reply

  36. Quand j’ai vu que c’était toi qui allait écrire le prochain article j’étais encore plus pressé que d’habitude de le voir.Mais on doit attendre encore deux jours! J’espère que j’arriverais à mettre le premier commentaire.

  37. I made this last week and it was very good. I didn’t grill the corn because I had some ears of corn already cooked. It still turned out great and the sweetness of the dressing was a yummy surprise.

  38. I had a Co2 vershion of this i got years ago… you would stick the back of is in and make a hole with it. then you would load a small black capsule in the nose stick it in the hole and squeze then flip? it over to empty the rest of the CO2 canister to start filling the tire…. i sold it with my bike i regrated it so much… i cant find one anywere now

  39. Because some men are just stupid like that. Not all men are stupid but the one’s that lie about stuff are assholes and nobody wants to date them. I hate any type of liar.

  40. While everyone is fantasizing about Mr. Monko’s disability, consider that it may be that may be a mental, not a physical one. It’s considered and likely. Shoot in the direction of someone and then claim emotional distress, it’s very common.Just by reading some of the comments on this blog, I can see that there’s a lot of that going around. Remember, as the holidays are here, do not isolate yourself. Surround yourself with loved ones, your close friends. If you need help refer to a counselor or physician.

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  42. I think you have it right. It’s not that any age is necessarily the best, but just that each stage of development brings new and special joys. If a parent has a stage that they remember as enjoying the most, it is probably because it was a period of time where they were particularly in sync with their child.

  43. The Key West Natural Animal life Reserve, which is found outside of Key West, features the Fort Zachary Taylor Countrywide State Park, the southernmost park in the country.

  44. Another stunning outfit! And I am adoring the peek at your space; it suits you perfectly!My taste in music is as eclectic as my taste in everything else! Right now I am listening most to The Kinks, Talking Heads, The Stones, DMB and Lady Gaga. It's all on CD though; we have some vinyl, but not a functioning turntable. Something that needs to be rectified soon! xo

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  47. I can understand your frustration – if I could not post photos on my blog I would have a coniption fit!! Thankfully my WordPress is fine in that aspect… it’s the other little bugs I have to deal with that push me over the edge!

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  50. Ah bon…moins??? Je vous donne les statistiques Americains sur les dons charitable…(on peut compare avec la France?):« Total des dons de bienfaisance des particuliers, des entreprises et des fondations était estimée à 298,42 milliards en 2011, en hausse de 4 pour cent en dollars courants et de 0,9 pour cent en dollars indexés sur un total révisé de 286,91 milliards de dollars en 2010, selon un rapport de la Giving USA Fondation et le Centre sur la philanthropie à l’Indiana University. »Pas mal, non?

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  54. Vixcita,looking Morticialicious..love all your vampy looks lately..your Mama was such a stylish diva..was she English..she looks so beautifuly exotic?you are so cute wearing your fur coat.good looking family amor..adore the colors of your bag..touching story..you should ask her more things about your mum.

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  63. We have stopped driving to Nerja as two months parking at a time is hugely expensive in the car park, and often non-existent in the surrounding streets. As we have a place near the entrance to the car park it has made it impossible now. Pity, as we used to spend a lot of time in surrounding bars and restaurants during our long stays in Nerja until the parking became such a problem.

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  69. it was fine to just feed her what she wanted, even if it was junk and she would grow out of it. Which sounds kind of crazy and radical but that's exactly what happened. She had macdonalds and chips and dip for a really long time. Now she's 16 and healthy and a perfect eater, vegetables and salads and no worries. So I have faith your son will grow out of it too! Good luck!

  70. A Bill Murray anecdote that is also a Roadhouse anecdote is the winningest ancedote that ever won. In fact, I’m surprised it’s just coming out now. The story could get you through a lifetime of boring parties.

  71. JLH, you are absolutely right about that. To have to go quote Adam post in webmasterworld IS RIDICULOUS!They need to keep those types of comment on their own forum, which would help get more participants and ADD VALUE to the group. arggh

  72. … have been looking daily for the past week … and yippee yeah … it’s here hear yee hear yee … thanks kristen … and hooray for the new website digs … thanks for fabulous patterns and keep bringing ‘em on!!! cheers … ina + gumby + pokey!

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  74. When has anything coming from the mouth's of gays ever been considered the truth?They lie about their sexuality to themselves everyday, so lying about a few million in their numbers is par for the course.I've always thought that the majority rules in America, but according to the left it seems the minority (only if they’re democrats) has more rights than the majority of Americans.This country is doomed to its collective thinking of political correctness.

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